Our vision is to deploy proven operational best practices and identify actionable upside opportunities that allow businesses, shareholders and employees to realize their full long-term value creation potential.


The firm invests in both equity and debt in order to create the right capital structure for the company to be successful over the long term.

Trive takes pride in being a true partner in the value creation process, beyond simply a source of capital. The Trive team invests the time to understand critical opportunities, challenges and objectives facing our executives, utilizing both data analytics and thoughtful dialog. Moreover, Trive strives to foster a culture that produces results through hard work, open communication, collaboration, and creative solutions, all while upholding the highest ethical standards.

Through its professionals' collective experience, Trive has developed a proven, methodical, deal sourcing, execution and operating model. The firm's strategy is unique and makes us the ideal partners for both portfolio companies and limited partners.


Trive excels in complex situations, including family-owned businesses, corporate carve-outs and distressed transactions, in which speed and certainty to close may be a priority. The firm's professionals have considerable experience structuring, financing and closing middle-market transactions in unique circumstances, including bankruptcy processes, restarts, take-privates and lift-outs. Trive is often considered the 'buyer-of-choice' by management teams, owners, financial intermediaries, and capital sources.


Trive strives to create value in investments through developing and implementing a shared strategic vision of how to maximize business potential. In doing so, the firm builds value by utilizing time-tested operational best practices and prudent growth capital deployment, without relying on excessive amounts of leverage or unnecessary risk.


With an extensive background and experience base in operations, the Trive professionals approach investing with an operational mindset. We aim to serve as a value-add resource to management teams, leveraging the collective strengths of the group. While every situation is different, the Trive team often takes an active role in developing and implementing the operational strategy. In addition, the firm has a large network of operators in a number of industries that can serve as a further source of guidance if needed.


The firm recognizes that relationships with management teams, intermediaries and advisors represent the backbone of our success. Trive looks to compensate executives and deal sources in a manner that properly rewards exceptional value creation. The firm will gladly pay buy-side representation fees.

what they're saying

"Trive’s operational commitment to Merlin Global Services and willingness to fund key growth initiatives has enabled our company to inspire our people, build deeper trust with our customers, and add incremental value to our mission partners by offering a more expansive range of services in the dynamic and growing unmanned aerial vehicle industry. "

Chief Executive Officer, Merlin Global Services